What is a vendor/contractor? 

It is a person or company, who is qualified to paint, perform general maintenance repairs,and/or construction.    

Do you qualify to become a vendor?

  • Yes, if you have knowledge and experience to do general maintenance and repairs which can include minor plumbing, painting, and minor electrical work.
  • Training certifications and/or licenses can be included with bids.
  • References can be included with bids
  • You must provide your own tools of trade.

Documents needed to become a vendor:

  • Provide proof of general liability insurance of $1 million dollars 
  • Provide proof of workers compensation insurance or an exemption waiver of W/C insurance.
  • Fill out and submit a W-9 for complex 1099 reporting at years end.

This may sound like a lot, but it is required before the job begins.
You are welcome to bid without documents, but be aware that all is required before bid can be approved. 

Types of Jobs :

  • Painting interior and Painting exterior of buildings/apartments,
  • Plumbing maintenance, electrical maintenance, construction, lawn care,
  • Cement work, etc.

Bidding must be submitted in writing and include complete details of job(s) itemized.Material list must be included.

Photos should be submitted with bids. (before photos)Once the estimate is approved you may begin job. Work hours on complex are from 7am-7pm.

Upon completion of job, submit signed original invoice to site manager. They will then inspect work and take after photos of finished work.

They will submit all the following to the corporate office for payment.   

  • Original invoice 
  • Work order
  • Photos of finished work
  • Sales receipts of materials purchased must match above material list.
  • Bid/estimate that vendor had originally submitted.

After Corporate office has received all the above from site manager, you should expect to receive payment within 30 days. If you have questions regarding payment please contact site manager.